April 14 – June 9, 2018

FANTASTIC FIBERS is an international juried exhibition that seeks to showcase a wide range of outstanding works related to the fiber medium.
One of Yeiser Art Center’s most engaging, innovative & colorful international exhibits, Fantastic Fibers is an inspirational “must see” for fine artists, quilters and textile art enthusiasts across the globe.


JUROR: Arturo Alonzo Sandaval


Arturo Alonzo Sandoval is a fiber artist whose experimental techniques and expressive interpretations have earned  him  an  international reputation. Arturo is one of Kentucky’s most original, influential and significant artists. Because he creates an extensive collection of work his artwork is everywhere. His work is in the collections of the New York City Museum of Modern Art’s Architecture and Design Collection, as well as galleries and private collections throughout the United States and the world.


What distinguishes me from other artists working in fiber is my choice to mainly explore and recycle twentieth century industrial materials that have been primarily designed as tapes or films. Incorporating them into woven or interlaced webs provides for me permutations for my design concepts which are personalized into a visual vocabulary of the sky, water, landscape; and more recently, issues related to international and domestic politics, terrorism, the total nuclear threat, the cosmic realms, and personal spiritual beliefs.

This year’s Fantastic Fibers exhibition received over 360 entries. From those entries, juror Arturo Alonzo Sandoval selected 42 works to be featured in the exhibition.


Selected Artists 2018:

Jackie Abrams, Dobree Adams, Philis Alvic, Eva Camacho, Marah Carpenter, Gray Caskey, Oxana Dallas, Jan Durham, Caryl Bryer, Jayne Gaskins, Caryl Gaubatz, Paula Giovanini-Morris, Sue Hale, Faith Humphry Hill, Ja Young Hwang, Marguerite Kellam, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred., Mary Ellen Latino, Margaret Leininger, Niraja Lorenz, Margo Macdonald, Lawrence McKenney, Rebekah Miller, Patricia Mink, Chris Motley, Carey Netherton, Kathy Nida, Pat Pauly, Branka Radonic, Michael Rohde, Elizabeth Runyon, Tommye Scanlin, Beth Schnellenberger, Suzanna Scott, Jess Self, Ashley Smith, Tina Struthers, Jill Vendituoli, Beverly Walker, Wendy Weiss, Peggy Wiedemann



The show began in 1987 as a wearable art show but has evolved over the years to include a compelling mix of traditional and non-traditional works created from natural or synthetic fibers, and work that addresses the subject or medium of fiber. The FANTASTIC FIBERS 2017 exhibit is an American Quilter’s Society (AQS) sanctioned event and selected works will be seen by thousands of viewers. Paducah becomes a Mecca for quilters and quilt enthusiasts each April as more than 30,000 visitors from across the globe attend AQS QuiltWeek. This year’s AQS QuiltWeek dates are April 18 – 21, 2018.


Contemporary and innovative works created with fiber as the primary medium are welcome. This exhibition is open to all artists 18 years and over working in the field of fiber art. All work submitted must be original, completed in the last three years and not previously exhibited in a FANTASTIC FIBERS exhibition. There are no size restrictions. Up to five entries per artist are permitted with an entry fee of $25 per piece. All selected artworks will be featured in full color catalog produced by Yeiser Art Center for sale during the exhibition. Selected artists for exhibit will receive a complementary copy of the exhibition catalog. FANTASTIC FIBERS 2018 will be on display at Yeiser Art Center from April 14 to June 9, 2018.


Entries are now submitted solely online through CaFE, a call for entry hosting site. Click here to enter the CaFE site. If one or more of your works should be accepted into the show, you will receive subsequent instructions on final presentation. No more than 5 individual artworks may be submitted by any artist. A nonrefundable entry fee of $25 is required for each entry submitted for consideration. Entries submitted via email or mail to the Yeiser Art Center will not be accepted.

Exhibition dates: April 14 – June 9, 2018


All entries selected for exhibition will be notified by March 2, 2018.  Work must arrive at the Yeiser Art Center no later than April 6, 2018. All work, if not framed, must come with museum quality display hardware and instructions for hanging. Additional instructions will be sent to accepted entrants.

Accepted entries must be shipped prepaid and include prepaid return shipping with label. Only FedEX, UPS and USPS shippers are allowed. Artists that hold an account with FedEx or UPS may provide information to their account for the gallery to generate a return shipping label at the close of the exhibition. NOTE: UPS and FedEx offer refunds for unused prepaid shipping labels should your prepaid shipping label not be used in event of sale or for other pre-approved reason by the Executive Director.

For specific shipping or presentation questions or concerns, please call the Yeiser Art Center at 270-442-2453, or email office@theyeiser.org.

    $2,100 was awarded in this year’s exhibition.
    •    $1,000 Best of Show: Wendy Wiess “Litzmannstadt Getto 1940-1944”
    •    $500 First Place: Marguerite Kellam “These Belong to ME”
    •    $250 Second Place: Kathy Nida “Rooted in America”
    •    $150 Third Place: Tommye Scanlin “Oak Leaves”
  • Three Merit awards of $50 were also awarded to: Suzanna Scott “Fiber Fetishes”, Carey Netherton “Martha’s Laugh”, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred “American Portraits: The Family Farm”

Sales will be encouraged where works are offered for purchase, but work need not be for sale to enter. Yeiser Art Center will keep a gallery of 40% commission on all sales, so price your work accordingly. Work will be insured for the duration of the exhibition for the value of the work, or 60% of the retail price. Artists are responsible for insuring their work during transit to and from the Yeiser.


Yeiser Art Center (YAC) will take all due care in the handling of entries but cannot accept any financial liability for loss or damage of any entry that is not picked up in due time or provided with a return shipping label. If an artist fails to pick up work or provide a return shipping label during the work return period, after 30 days, the Yeiser Art Center shall have the right at its discretion to dispose of the work as they see fit. Artists not wishing to pay for return shipping may request the work to be destroyed or allow the Yeiser Art Center to sell the work to support the organization’s mission.

YAC, under its policy subject to the standard exclusions, will insure objects that are contained at YAC. Insurance will be placed on the wholesale value amount specified by the consignor. This price must reflect the fair market retail value. If the Exhibitor fails to indicate a fair market value, YAC will set a value for purposes of insurance for the period of the loan. The amount payable by this insurance is the sole recovery available to the Exhibitor in the amount of loss or damage. If the Exhibitor elects to maintain his/her own insurance coverage, YAC must be supplied with a certificate of insurance naming YAC as additional insurers or waiving rights of subrogation. YAC shall not be responsible for any error or deficiency in information furnished to the Exhibitor’s insurer or for any lapses in coverage. If no insurance is to be carried, this loan agreement shall constitute the agreement of the Exhibitor to release and hold harmless YAC from any liability for damage to or loss of the loaned property.


FANTASTIC FIBERS is a juried competition. All entry fees are nonrefundable. There is no assurance implied that any given entry or group of entries will be juried into the show and included for display in the final exhibition.


Contemporary and innovative works created with fiber as the primary medium and/or conceptual content are welcome. This exhibition is open to everyone 18 years and over working in the field of fiber art. All work submitted must be original, completed in the last three years and not previously exhibited in a FANTASTIC FIBERS exhibition.


Participating artists retain ownership of their work but in consideration for inclusion in the exhibition grant Yeiser Art Center the right, without compensation, to reproduce images of the accepted and displayed work for the sole purpose of press releases, web site inclusion, marketing and the promotion of present and future Fantastic Fibers competitions, and for educational purposes that align with the mission of the organization.