Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey is an artist who tells a story through the poetry of light. The dance of light and shadow beautifully move through the landscape where light takes the lead and shadow tells the story. Jason is known for the way he captures this dance. Studying immensely in plein air (painting outdoors from life) and from such masters in this field. Spending much of his childhood outdoors in an arts family, studying and making art started at an early age. As a young man he started painting cars where he learned the effects of light and how it reflects back into the shadows, and also he learned how to see colors and the way they change with the light.


His artwork is honest and shows the beauty in the mundane. Living in the middle of America without the grandeur scenery, he has to focus more on composition and values. His goal in his work is to have the viewer enter in the painting and to stay a while and to also feel the warmth and mood of the scene, whether it’s a landscape, still life, or figurative. His artwork is best described as a representational impression of the subject.

Phyllis Russell
Paula Danby

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