Anthony Woodruff

Dr. Anthony Woodruff’s most recent work focuses on large portraits of individuals related to various social justice causes. This series of work began during covid-19 lockdowns and continues to this day as marginalized populations continue to strive for equal opportunities. His work has become a personal refection on political and social issues affecting us today, while also celebrating the lives of people who may no longer be with us. Anthony was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, but found his way to Paducah and the Yeiser Art Center thanks to his wife, Ashley, who has always called Paducah home. Anthony recently completed his PhD in Museum Education and Edu-curation from Florida State University, and used the YAC as a research location while unpacking the museum experiences of adults with developmental disabilities. Anthony is currently the visual arts educator at Reidland Middle and Reidland Intermediate schools where he focuses on providing positive connections to art for his students.

Brittin Lang
Brittin Lang
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