2022 Affordable Art Show
Paducah Affordable Art Show

We are bringing back the Affordable Art Show this year as a fundraiser for Yeiser Art Center!

Beginning in 2009, Paducah’s Affordable Art Show was sponsored by Paducah Renaissance Alliance (now Main Street Paducah) and was conceived of, planned, and put on annually by YAC board member Nikki May and then PRA marketing director Jessica Perkins Vasseur.

The Affordable Art Show was created with three main goals. First, to showcase work by artists living and working in and around Paducah. Second, to help art appreciators and shoppers realize that there is wonderful affordable art available locally and that you don’t have to empty your wallets to fill your walls. And finally, to bring folks out to a Lower Town or Downtown Paducah gallery for a night of fun, food, wine and art at this fantastic annual party!

The first few years, when it was sponsored by PRA, it was intended simply to introduce the community to fine art available in Downtown and the Lower Town. We understood that art can seem intimidating to some, but this is an event that encouraged Paducah residents to explore art and engage with local artists and provide a fun pre-holiday event for shoppers. Later it was used as a fundraiser for Paducah Arts Alliance for several years and for the last three years it was held at Yeiser.

This will be the first time bringing it back since 2017 and the first time as a fundraiser for Yeiser!

Here’s the scoop:

  • One night only, Thursday, December 8, 2022 from 5-8 pm
  • Any artist living or working in or around Paducah is eligible to enter work in this non-juried show.
  • All works must be available for purchase and priced under $500.
Ian Moore

Enjoy music by Ian Moore

The show is for professional artists selling quality pieces of art priced $500 and under. We have plenty of space this year at the Yeiser Art Center, so there is no size limit for individual pieces. The show is open to all area artists, who will be guaranteed one piece in the exhibition. Additional work will be hung as space allows.

Here are some things you need to know to be successful at this year’s show:

NOTE: In order to respect the time of the volunteers who staff this event, we will strictly enforce the following guidelines.
  • Please fill out the registration form.
  • Only work that has been submitted using our online form will be accepted. If you have more than four pieces, please submit a separate list of items (at the bottom of the form). Please include name, title, price and size of each piece. Photos are optional.
  • Consider submitting pieces in the low and high end of the price range.
  • Work on paper must be framed behind glass or plexi. Only work that is properly framed and hangable will be hung.
  • Drawings or prints that are unframed may be shown in plastic envelopes, however the artist is responsible for providing appropriate bins or display for the work.
  • All 2D work must be labeled with artist’s name, title and price. 3D work (including jewelry) must be tagged. Pieces not labeled or tagged will not be displayed.
  • If your work cannot be hung on the wall or displayed on a pedestal, the artist must provide their own display (i.e. print bin, hanging rack for wearables, etc.)
  • Artists must insure their own work. The Yeiser and the organizers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged art.
  • Artists will receive 60% of the sale price with Yeiser keeping 40%. This amount goes toward the cost of putting on the event, with any profit going to Yeiser Art Center. The organizers are not taking any percentage.
  • Jewelers should consider providing boxes for their pieces.
  • If you have breakables, please provide your own protective packaging
  • Consider bringing your business cards to insert with purchased art.
  • Work MUST be dropped off and unsold work picked up during the specified times. Any work not picked up by Thursday, December 8 by 8:30 p.m. will be donated to a charitable cause. If you cannot drop off or pick up your work yourself during the scheduled times (at right), please make arrangements in advance. We are unable to store your work.
Deadline for Submissions SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.
Artwork Delivery Tuesday, December 6, 4-6 pm
Show Thursday, December 8, 5-8 pm, Yeiser Art Center
Unsold Artwork Pickup Thursday, December 8, 8-8:30 pm
Yeiser Art Center
Alyssa Ragsdale
Amelia Martens
Amy Nolan
Andrea Atnip
Andrew Huckleberry
Anita Rodriguez
Becky Glasby
Bianca Peters
Britton Shurley
Cheyenne Pangman
Dale McReynolds
Deb Lyons
Donna Howson
Durwin Ursery
Elisabeth (Ripper) Kelly
Emily Cohoon
Erich Neitzke
Heather Reid
Ian McComas
Jason Bailey
Jason Hargrove
Jay Chuppe
Jeff Joyce
Jim Alworth
John Romang
Judi Belanger
Kathleen Kelly
Kathy Musser
Katie Knoeringer
Katrina Miller
Kelly Sutherland
Kristin Williams
Lexie Millikan
Lisa Narloch
Matt Christy
Maureen Ursery
Megan Jones
Michael Crouse
Michael Secor
Michael Terra
Mitch Kimball
Nikki May
Penny Rice
Phyllis Russell
Rachel Alford
Rebecca Binks
Russel Bash
Ruth Baggett
Shand Stamper
Sharon Chalke
Sheila Gingras
Stefanie Graves
Tanya Neitzke
Terry Pagel
Tony Gamboa
Uncle Bacon
Valerie Pollard
Yao Yao
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