2022 Members Exhibition

This year’s annual Members Exhibition includes works by 41 artist members.


First Place – Kijsa Housman, Come to the Water
Second Place – Michael Terra, Original Poem/ceramic sculpture
Third Place – Dale McReynolds, Giving Praise
Honorable Mention – Randy Simmons, The Ceiling Opened into Skies
Honorable Mention – Dale McReynolds, A Bridge To Possibilities
Juror’s Choice – Patience Renzulli, Welcome To America

Thank you to Ray Black & Son for generously sponsoring this exhibition each year and making sure that awards like this are possible.


BricolageSeth Higgerson, Apple
Carolyn Daniels, Edna + Ethel In Paducah
Cathy McElya, The Traveler
Paula Danby, Evolution Of A Doll
Anthony Woodruff, ImmigrationReform

Participating Artists

Jane Bright
Jason Bailey
Mark Vaughn
Jane Viterisi
Christy Ross
Kerry Bowes
Char Downs
Paula Danby
Dale McReynolds
Paul Aho
Phyllis Russell
LaNelle Mason
Ronald Toth
Lisa M. Narloch
Bill Douglas
Mark Donham
Caity Ferguson
Seth Higgerson
Craig Rhodes
Carolyn Daniels
Cathy McElya
Anthony Woodruff
Michael Ramsey
Michael Terra
Daisy Mae Grimes
Nikki May
Jason Hargrove
DeSande R
Sarah Haig
Erich Neitzke
Jim Barton
Uncle Bacon
Rachel Hurton
Kara Petterson
Stephanie Young
Deb Lyons
Toney Little
William Renzulli
Patience Renzulli
Annie Hall
Carol Irving

In The YAC Gift Shop Gallery

We are happy to announce a special show and sale of artwork by William Renzulli, a longtime supporter of Yeiser Art Center and beloved Lower Town artist. His work will be displayed in gallery through March 20 and will be available to purchase and take home immediately.

– Sponsored by –

Ray Black & Son

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