2022 Fantastic Fibers

FANTASTIC FIBERS is an international juried exhibition that seeks to showcase a wide range of outstanding works related to the fiber medium. One of Yeiser Art Center’s most engaging, innovative & colorful international exhibits, Fantastic Fibers is an inspirational must see for fine artists, quilters, and textile art enthusiasts across the globe.

Now in its 35th year, this year’s Fantastic Fibers exhibition features work from five different countries, seventeen states, and forty nine different artists!


April 19 – June 18, 2022

Award Winners

Best of Show: Karla Rydrych, Reliquary; with these hands
First Place: Nikka Wolfenbarger, hard to let go
Second Place: Itala Aguilera, The Housewife
Third Place: Susan Hensel, Firmament


Participating Artists

Itala Aguilera
Agusta Agustsson
Béatrice Beraud
Kim Berry-Rogers
Margaret Black
Sarah C. Blanchette
Gray Caskey
Michelle Chan
Emilie Chaumet
Shin-hee Chin
Debra Disman
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Madison Hendry
Susan Hensel
Janet Jaffke
Toni Kersey
Jill Kerttula
Erin King
Nancy Kozikowski
Hattie Lee
Sung Ji Lee
Ryan Lewis
Viviana Lombrozo
Elaine Longtemps

Niraja Lorenz
Cynthia Martinez
Dorothy McGuinness
Tea Okropiridze
Louise Pappageorge
CLaire Renaut
Rhiannon Robinson
Karla Rydrych
Lauren L. Salazar
Rebecca Smith
Jim S. Smoote II
Karen Sunday Spencer

Vicki Sue Stone
Tiziana Tateo
Karin Täuber
Olivia Thompson
Angela Tong
Amy Usdin
Betty Vera
Sharon L. Vitt
Jessica Walton
Nikka Wolfenbarger
Evian Zukas-Oguz


Sandra Johnson

Matt Collinsworth is the CEO of the National Quilt Museum.  He has also served as the Director of the National Music Museum and Director of the Kentucky Folk Art Center. Matt has curated and co-curated dozens of exhibitions during his 19 year career in the museum field.  He received his MFA degree from Ohio State and resides in Lower Town with his family.


“The threads that bind this world together above the darkness have frayed again.  Disease, war, environmental decline, anxiety, and anger have chewed like rats at the corners, yet the knots and seams hold still. We sway at the edge of an unknowable future – our hands and hearts making good works, our eyes fixed hopefully on the gauzy light.

“The extraordinary works of fiber art included in this exhibition are well-wrought and exceptionally expressive.  They exemplify the trials of our age.  These pieces were made by artists of remarkably different backgrounds and experiences from this country and other continents.  In these works, the viewer will find representations of the artists’ struggles (to exist, to be understood, to be affirmed) and, if they look carefully, reflections of their own concerns and hopes.

“For all of that, these works collectively tend toward hope through invention, color and texture.  Millenia ago we traded animal skins for textiles that we made ourselves. Those objects provided comfort, protection and decoration. Sometimes they ascribed status or indicated ceremony. But, more often than not, they were articles of care or affection, like swaddling for an infant or a shroud for a deceased loved one. The artists in this exhibition have given us such gifts. While we cannot wrap ourselves in them, they are now ours to enjoy and to ponder. You should carry these artists’ visions with you long after you have taken your leave.

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