2022 Equilibrium

Equilibrium: Kaylan Buteyn + Ronald Toth

July 12th – September 10th, 2022

Reception: Friday, July 29th, 5-7pm

Join us as we celebrate the work of two regional artists, painter Kaylan Buteyn and photographer Ronald Toth. While their materials and methods may vary, many similarities can be found in the artists’ abstractions of natural subject matter. Toth’s precise microscopic photos and Buteyn’s expressive paintings strike an unexpected balance that leads the viewer on a unique visual journey through the gallery.
Kaylan Buteyn

Kaylan Buteyn

Kaylan Buteyn is an artist, curator, founder of the Artist/Mother Podcast and founder of Stay Home Gallery & Residency. Her practice primarily focuses on female empowerment, the maternal experience, and community engagement. Her paintings are rooted in abstraction, often referencing the maternal form. She has exhibited in galleries and community spaces internationally. In 2019, as a social extension of her art practice, Kaylan started the Artist/Mother Podcast, sharing interviews of working artists who are mothers. The podcast has grown to a large network of women artists and offers support and encouragement for them through exhibitions, publications, retreats, a crit group program and more. In 2020 as a response to the global covid-19 pandemic, Kaylan co-founded Stay Home Gallery with Pam Taylor and the two took their virtual gallery physical when Kaylan offered her home and artist studio in rural Tennessee as a brick and mortar gallery and artist residency space. Kaylan holds an MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She now lives with her partner and their 3 children in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The slides from Kaylan’s recent artist talk, Defining Your Own Idea of Success In The Art World, can be found at the link below. 
Ronald Toth

Ronald Toth

Ronald Toth is a retired biologist, former Professor of Biological Sciences, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. His background is in classical plant anatomy where everything is documented by either drawings or photographs. He started taking photographs of plant parts as an undergraduate in plant anatomy lab and was taught by the teaching assistants. He received better instruction from a professional photographer, who showed him how to make black and white prints of electron micrographs in a class. Instruction was limited to one short session and covered the basics of how to make an acceptable print for class. Most of what he has learned since is from trial and error, reading and looking at a lot of art works in books, museums, and galleries.

Over the years, Toth has done a few small photography projects. One was a series of black and white silver gelatin prints of pine cones. Another was a series of night pictures also using the silver gelatin print technique. The theme was to show how an object is accentuated and revealed by artificial light, without which you would not see it at night or it would just blend into the background objects. He has recently started a series of color digital images of abstracted plant parts, usually seen in anatomy classes. These are often abstracted to the point that they are unrecognizable as biological specimens. After a life in science where everything had to be represented as accurately as possible, Toth finds it nice to break free from such bonds.

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