2020 Art Through the Lens

Art Through the Lens is an annual international juried contemporary photography exhibition that provides photographers with an outlet for their art, encouragement for growth in their vision and presentation, and cash rewards for works of exceptional merit. All photo-based imagery including video and moving images created through photographic processes are eligible including non-lens made images. All work submitted must be original, completed in the last three years, and not previously exhibited in an Art Through the Lens or Paducah Photo exhibition.

Art Through The Lens 2020 included works from artists all over the world including: 

Armin Amirian
Mark P Anderson
Norman Mark Aragones
Paul Atkinson
Juliane Backmann
Sylvia Bandyke
James Barton
Alice Becker
Ricardo Beron
C. Todd Birdsong
Beth Black
Raymond Bonavida
Rose Bowman
Donald E Brown
Alexandra Buxbaum
Francis Byrne
Nolan Cain
Kathy Callahan
Tim Christensen
Al Crane
Donna Dangott
James Davis
Basil Drossos
Steven Edson
Sam Elkind
Polly Gaillard
Edward Gia
Teresa Gilson
Malcolm Glass
Vyncex Gorlami
Hazel Grant
Laura Greenwood
Paul Grumley
Sarah Haig
David Hammond
Barbara Harris
Richena Holbert
Cindy Jones
Kuria Jorissen
Elizabeth Kayl
Joseph Kelly
Sara King
Nancy Knauer
Kenneth P. Konchel
Martin Krafft
Patricia Littlefield
Lu Tsung-yu
Raj Manickam
Justin Martin
April McCormack
David McCrae
Peter Miller
Paul Murray
Conner Murt
Barry Noland
Joe Papagoda
Olivia Pike
Michael Potts
John Puffer
Jonathan Rodgers
Phyllis Russell
Sandy Miller Sasso
Ronald J. Saunders
Kevin Rose Schultz
Robert Shapiro
Wendell Shinn
Edward Shmunes
Kiefer Shuler
Eli Sicken
Austin Scarbrough
Denis Sivack
Shane Allan Smith
Nancy Stalls
Paul Stapp
Jack Straton
Karen Taylor
Ronald Toth
Timothy Tracz
Jane Craig Walker
Karey Walter
Al Wildey
Haley Wilkerson
Doug Winter
Mitsu Yoshikawa
Stephanie Young
Igor Zeiger
Paola De Giovanni
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